At Golf South Africa we share the passion for golf, but above all the love for South Africa. This land has captivated us with its breath-taking landscapes, its authentic and original flora and fauna and its vibrant culture. Golf can hardly be imagined in a more beautiful setting.

We at Golf South Africa have made it our mission to pass on our passion. We attach great importance to personal and individual care. Get to know us and benefit from our enthusiasm and experience!

Our Team


siggi konrad

Siggi is a true Bavarian and has been living all year-round in Somerset West since 2002. Before he started his own business together with Sonja, he successfully managed a guest house for 13 years. Siggi is a passionate golfer and knows South Africa's golf courses like the back of his hand. If you are looking for tips and advice on the most beautiful golf courses, safaris, wine tours and local attractions, Siggi is your man!


sonja zuber

Sonja has successfully run a business in Switzerland for 20 years, but when she visited South Africa in 2013, she was immediately hooked. Her love for the magnificent scenery, the culinary variety and later also for Siggi drew her back to South Africa again and again. In 2017, she fulfilled her heart's desire and left Switzerland for a life in her new adopted home. In addition to golf, she is particularly enthusiastic about the culinary landscape of South Africa and can therefore give personal recommendations for restaurants and wineries in the area.


stephen walker

Stephen is a native Scot and has been a trained PGA Golf Pro for 30 years. He is well-known as an excellent golf teacher both in South Africa and Germany. Between April and October, he works at the Golf Club Marhoerdt near Stuttgart, but spends the rest of his time in South Africa. He can assist you on site with golf lessons, but also advise you on golf vacations and green fees in South Africa and Europe.